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About us

ACIC-Kalasalingam Innovation Foundation is a non-profit community innovation center established with the support of Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, Govt. of India. The ACICKalasalingam Innovation foundation is located at Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education (KARE), Anand Nagar, Krishnankoil, Sriviliputtur, Virudhunagar District, an aspiration district identified by Govt. of India.

The aim of ACIC is to promote economy, employment, and enable community oriented innovations. We encourage innovative projects from all stages starting from ideation, early traction, validation, and scaling. The ACIC-KIF provides community innovation space at subscription charges to innovators and startups, handholding, prototyping, validation, POC, precommercial versions, software development and other services required for startups. We also conduct extensive training on different technological aspects, patenting and other services required for startups and innovators. Once the Proof-of-concept (POC) is developed, we provide scaling services to convert your POC to pre-commercial and commercial versions.


  • Participants must have developed a product that demonstrates innovation and creativity in any topics related to the ICNMD conference or Emerging Technologies for Community & Industrial Innovations. (Ex. Sensors, Photo Catalysis, Crystals, Thin film Device, Batteries, Super Capacitor, Polymer materials, Laser,LED, Solar Cell, healthcare, electronics, energy, Agri based products, all engineering domain based prototypes for Community & Industries etc.)
  • Products should preferably be at a prototype or early-stage development phase.,
  • Research Scholars, Faculty members, Students, Individuals, and startups are all eligible to participate.


  • Each participant will be given a designated display area to showcase their product.
  • Presentations can include product demonstrations, posters, prototypes, videos, and other visual aids to effectively convey the product’s features and benefits.
  • Participants are encouraged to prepare a brief pitch (approximately 5-7 minutes) to introduce their product to the audience and highlight its unique selling points, market potential, and technological innovations.


  • Awards may be presented to outstanding participants based on the judging criteria.
  • Recognition will be given to all participants for their contributions to the event.


  • Interested participants must register for the Techno-Pitch Display event through the conference website.
  • Registration deadlines and fees, if any, will be communicated through the official conference channels.


  • Participants are responsible for arranging the transportation, setup, and dismantling of their display materials.
  • Technical support and assistance will be provided by the event organizers as needed.


  • Participants retain full ownership and intellectual property rights to their products.
  • By participating in the event, participants grant the conference organizers permission to use images, videos, and descriptions of their products for promotional purposes.


  • The conference organizers reserve the right to modify or cancel the Techno-Pitch Display event at their discretion.
  • Participants are encouraged to review the latest updates and announcements regarding the event on the conference website.
These guidelines aim to ensure a smooth and successful Techno-Pitch Display event, fostering innovation, collaboration, and networking opportunities within the technology community.